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Titi Horsfall writes to inspire her readers. Through literature and public speaking, she seeks to help people find understanding of their purposes amidst the complexities of life and living. She yearns for a literate and advanced African continent which instills the dignity of the black race.

She is the recipient of the African Literature Prize and one-time editor of the UNESCO World Book Capital project. She speaks in advocacy for the Girl-child; having lent her voice at the African Achievers Awards lecture in the Westminster Parliament, UK.

Her published works include: The Rivers Frontier, Influence of a King, From an Orphan to a Queen; Esther, Fancy Loma, Reflections. She is married with children.

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Reflections (2004) is a collection of poems which reflects Titi Horsfall’s simplicity of thought, delivered with ease and cogent imagery.

The Rivers Frontier

The Rivers Frontier is a history book with a modern twist. It would stir a contemplation of the future, with the understanding that the world we have today is ours to preserve for those yet to come.

From an Orphan to Queen Esther

Before she was Queen Esther, she was just Hadassah; a lowly orphan girl growing up against a backdrop of turbulent political times

Infuence of a King

Influence of a King spans the globe during a time of harrowing worldwide events.

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