Managing Counteaction

You have probably read several motivational books to inspire you and get you to that place of conviction, on how to align everything around you for a good and positive outcome. Fact is, counteractions also swing into motion, shooting darts of negative motivation or self-limiting tendencies.
You draw up a checklist, set your goals, have in place a time schedule, priorities apportioned and then you make that dive into the river of fulfillment. Like a dive into a river, gravity cajoles you to sink rather than float. The waves would rather shove you back to land, or take you in another direction. Friends, neighbors may criticize, without
any objective suggestion. Envy may rear its ugly green head, or even own self can become a stumbling block.
Perhaps, that’s why the phrase ‘life happens’ was coined. It compels one to do a reality check. Every reality check would also reveal that aids and supports to get you through are also available. If you are determined, swim you must! And to your destined location, you must aspire.
How do you manage counter actions? It all boils down to what you are ready to abstain from, retain, sustain and maintain.


● Your relationships. Which should you abstain from? Which are you willing to retain despite your subjective views. Which should you protect and nourish?
Make deliberate efforts to build healthy relationships. Be loyal, honest and sincere to people. Give, if it is in your power to do so. Criticize less, and do not go into a competitive mode that seeks to destroy another person.
● Maintain a healthy lifestyle and seek to purge your mind from thoughts and emotions that would drain your energy and infuse toxic vibes into your system. This should put you in the right frame of mind to function right.
● Set sub-goals that you can achieve, master the process and then stretch to take
on more while maintaining your focus.
● Remember that every good and positive inspiration has its source from God.
Ultimately, it is God’s goal. Align with God, and continually fellowship with Him.
Counteractions would always be around you. You grow through its limiting force. A very
wise acquaintance I once had the privilege to have around me for a period, noticed
some human interplays occurring within our space.
He called me aside one day and said, “Do not allow any one cage you!”
Clearly, I was growing, but this was a threat to another. All the tactics to get one into
that cage​were on full display. What did I do, I looked around me and did a mental
check of what to abstain from, what to retain, how to sustain certain things and maintain
what I could. But the most critical? It was the God factor! Where a guardian angel
literarily came on the scene and took away that concept of a cage​. In the process of
counteractions, I learn the ways of the eagle!
Stay blessed and forge one!
Titi Horsfall



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