Titi Horsfall is a foremost novelist, poet, and public speaker. Growing up, her multitalented and extremely focused personality caught the attention of her teachers in Bereton Montessori Primary school where she was acknowledged as the Best Overall Pupil.

She was recognized by the federal government as a gifted child, received a Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) scholarship for her undergraduate education, and was awarded the best graduating student of her undergraduate class. 

From the young age of three, she was a ravenous reader who read everything in sight; romance novels, literary texts and poetry, newspapers & pop-culture magazines, large volumes of encyclopedia and inspirational reference texts. Her mind and imagination were broadened to embrace a number of guiding ideals for life; faith, global consciousness, historical heritage and gender equality & women’s rights. Her Christian faith reckons that human beings were created intentionally by God for a purpose, and people have their dignity of self to be preserved and rights to be respected. The propagation of peace on earth and goodwill towards all should be encouraged. In her global consciousness, her world view recognizes the interconnectivity of the human race and destinies. The least and mightiest in any jurisdiction of life, shape the affairs of the world in every conceivable measure. She employs narrative history that details real life events and is of the opinion that predestination and fate are as much a component of choice in determining how the future should be approached. Chronological knowledge stocks the mind with historical heritage and simulated historical experiences provide rich fodder for survival and wise advancement. Passionate about gender equality and women’s rights, her position is that creation of mankind is less about the sequence of appearing but more about the final outcome – male and female; differing but complementary. Therefore, women’s rights and human dignity should beaccepted as essential for society’s growth.

Titi Horsfall’s writing takes on aspects or all of these guiding ideals, backed by extensive research in order to bring this to bear in fiction and non-fiction. Her body of literary work includes The Rivers Frontier ((2019, USA; history-nonfiction),) Fancy Loma (2019/2017, USA/Nigeria; short story), Reflections Poetry Study (2017, Nigeria; poetry), Influence of a King (2015, USA; historical novel), 100 Years Around Port Harcourt (2014, Nigeria; edited nonfiction), From an Orphan to a Queen: Esther (2012, USA; historical novel), and Reflections (2004, Nigeria; poetry). She is the recipient of the 2016 African Achievers Award, recipient of the Deep River Books Merit Award, and 2015 Garden City Advancement Award as role model of the female child. As guest author at the 2013 Port Harcourt Book Festival; international guest author at the 2013 ICRS in St. Louis, Missouri, USA; the London Book Fair, 2016; and the 2016 ICRS in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA she shares her message to the world.

Titi’s personal development moved in three stages: reading, writing and speaking. In her public speaking, she started off as an active member of her primary and secondary schools debate teams; engaging other schools and making appearances on radio for live debates. She has been invited to lend her voice through advocacy, on subjects close to her heart. In 2018, she was a guest speaker at the 8th Edition of the African Achievers Awards, hosted at the UK Westminster Parliament in London. There, she spoke on the Girl Child’s right to education: a case for Africa. At the 2019 Jerusalem International Book Forum, she made a case for children book translations fuelled by humanitarian concerns. The 2017 PR Times Africa Magazine Woman of the Year, she is a member of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) and the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA). Professionally trained and mentored on writing, communication, and media engagement, her international and local media exposure spans the BBC, US-based ICRS affiliate media stations, NTA, Channels TV, TVC, etc. She has twice graced the cover of PR Times Africa Magazine.

Multifaceted, Titi Horsfall heads the Diplomatic Corps and Permits & Licenses function of NLNG. She manages corporate communication and stakeholder engagement with national regulators and foreign diplomats, for corporate business growth, economic diplomacy, and fostering positive business environment. She has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, master’s in Banking and Finance, and an MBA in Oil and Gas Management from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. She was a delegate at the World Petroleum Congresses in South Africa and Spain (2005, 2008). In the course of her LNG Industry career, she received the MD/CEO Awards from two respective managing directors of her organisation.

Married to Dr. Ona Horsfall, and blessed with three children, she founded the Prisenda Writers Residency Initiative to promote literacy, creative writing, and intellectual expression of thought