100 Years around Port Harcourt

Edited by Koko Kalango & Titi Horsfall

This book is birthed from the belief in the ingenuity of the Nigerian child. As Port Harcourt
celebrates its centenary and assumes the title of UNESCO World Book Capital 2014 (first city in
sub-Saharan Africa to receive this honour), we though it a great idea to showcase the talent of
Rivers children by engaging them in a creative writing exercise.

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The Book: 100 Years around Port Harcourt

Ada and Nsirim are so excited

They are travelling to the ancient city of Port Harcourt where they would spend their vacation
with their grandparents. After spending a month with their beloved grandpa and grandma, their
parents would then join them for the remainder of the vacation. Ada overheard Mum telling
Grandma over the phone, that she was considering having the children attend secondary school
in Port Harcourt!
Besides being very knowledgeable, Grandpa and Grandma never get bored with their
grandchildren’s endless questions. For these reasons, Nsirim and Ada looked forward to their

Grandpa, who is a reputable historian, has promised to share century old stories and memories
of Rivers State. In contrast, their grandma who loves the ‘current things’, enjoys travelling to the
unspoilt rural areas to hold on to the memories of years gone by. What an irony! Unspoilt to
grandma meant she could hear crickets at dusk, or pluck fruits from low hanging branches while
taking a stroll. She basked in the euphoria of festivities and cultural celebrations steeped in the
heritage of the Rivers people. Grandma has promised to take her grandchildren sightseeing.
What a vacation it promises to be!

Do you wish to embark on this adventure with Ada and Nsirim? Well, welcome aboard and
enjoy a most memorable and knowledge filled adventure!

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