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Acts of kindness are in essence, Acts of God. It is about time we broaden the view. – Titi Horsfall

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Overcoming Doubt as a Writer

  • Be true to yourself. This would validate you.
  • Love what you do when not writing. It releases your mind for the task of writing.
  • Explore possibilities. You can never know unless you try.

The essence of time may not reckon deeply. Time creeps up unwittingly and suddenly, a phase is almost over. Give meaning to today. For the young, while the future would one day become their responsibility, those they look up to today, should ensure the preservation of that future.

- Titi Horsfall

A creative writer places emphasis, narrates with proper character development and uses poetry.
If you already find that writing is something you enjoy doing, you may want to practice creative writing or simply get a degree in Creative Writing. There are a lot of jobs available for creative writers.

Influence of a King

Influence of a King

Influence of a King spans the globe during a time of harrowing worldwide events. This love story, set during World War II, also underscores the influence and indirect impact British royalty and colonial rule may have had on the lives of the privileged and seemingly unknown individuals in unrecognizable regions of Africa

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From an Orphanto Queen Esther

Before she was Queen Esther, she was just Hadassah; a lowly orphan girl growing up against a backdrop of turbulent political times.

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Reflections (2004) is a collection of poems which reflects Titi Horsfall’s simplicity of thought, delivered with ease and cogent imagery.

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The Rivers Frontier

The Rivers Frontier is a history book with a modern twist. It would stir a contemplation of the future, with the understanding that the world we have today is ours to preserve for those yet to come.

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About Titi Horsfall


You are most welcome! I appreciate your connecting with me and hope it does become an enriching experience.

I write, to maintain what I have received of God! I write to flow in the grace to live according to His will and be a channel of His blessings to those He brings me to.

I am certainly a work in progress and count it all joy that every day presents an opportunity for me to make a fresh start. To wake up and make up, and step up my desires to give all of me for glorious causes.

Who am I?

I am yours truly, Titi Horsfall; author of historical fiction novels – Influence of a King, From an Orphan to a Queen Esther and the short story, Fancy Loma. The non-fiction; The Rivers Frontier, History of the Niger Delta. My poetry collection; Reflections and the study guide are educational texts. I co-edited 100 Years around Port Harcourt, a 2014 UNESCO World Book Capital Project.

Kindly follow my posts on my social media handles, like, comment and share. Let’s stay in touch.

Much love!

Titi Horsfall

More About Me

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

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