The Best Valentine’s Day Gift


The Best Valentine’s Day Gift

No matter the array of gifts, there is nothing more fraught with pain, than the uncertainty about how the other person feels. Worse still, is the torment of unrequited love or a commitment that is not mutual. Despite how few your words of love may be, they are all you need to profess your feelings, reassure, keep the channels of communication open, and commit as if undertaking a vow. If true love propels you to buy a mansion in Beverly Hills or Banana Island, all well and good!

While the appropriateness of any gift is based on myriad of determinants, one gift tops the list, as the very best Valentine’s Day gift, by a wide margin.

What is it? Words! Especially, those three words. When you look into the eyes of your loved one, and you can hold her stare, take her hands in yours, and tell her with every certainty, “I love you”. That seals the deal. From my novels, I have extracted some heartfelt verbal expressions between people who loved themselves, beyond a shadow of a doubt:

Influence of a King

Kanyam: “Chad, Chad!”
She called his name like a chant. Tears poured down her cheeks.
He held her face in his hands and thumped away her tears.
Chad: “I love you, Kanyam. You are special. So special that God caused global events to align with His plan and purpose for us to be together.”
Kanyam: “I love you, too, Chad!”

From an Orphan to a Queen; Esther

King Darius: “Esther, my beloved, think not of the moments we do not share but of those few times we do share. They have always been memorable. Four years have passed since I made you my wife and queen. These have been the best four years of my life.”
Queen Esther: “My king, my love for you grows with each day.”
King Darius: “I know for certain that your heart pants after mine. I would seek ways to remedy my absence.”

Tell that special someone; how truly you are in love.
Happy Valentine’s Day!!!