Graceful Aging

Advancing in age, in a smooth and attractive manner.

“Her beauty, which transcended time, was shielded with her thick, white tresses like clouds cresting the mountain peaks. Her beauty was such that only the heavens could give, for the turbulent years had not drained her fountain of youth… She recalled the years gone by, the torture of hopelessness she had felt as a child, the relief of religious tolerance in her youth, and as a woman, the unexpected and inexplicable joy of falling in love…”(Excerpt- From an Orphan to a Queen: Esther).

“For length of days, and long life, and peace, shall they add to thee.” – Proverbs 3:2

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Alabaster Box!

It was one of those laid back Saturday evenings. I rummaged through the satellite TV channels searching for something light to view. I clicked on American X Factor; a singing competition(It was being aired about two weeks after the live performances).

As the lady on the stage addressed the judges, I did my assessment – which is normal, I think, for most viewers. I listened to her voice as she introduced herself. It had good prospects- earthy, rich and stable. When she said she was a fifty-four year old grandmother, I screamed “what!”
I sat up.
With her tall frame, clad in skin-tight black leather, she barely looked thirty years.

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