Guess you know that feeling of foreboding, as you embark on a journey when only a few days earlier, a major accident had occurred?

When a commercial airline crashed in Nigeria killing most on board, two days later I boarded a commercial flight. At the slightest turbulence, practically everyone on board started praying. The man by my side stared at me in unquantifiable wonder- I seemed calm, and relaxed.
I nodded at him with a smile, and turned my gaze to the headrest before my eyes. If only he knew. I had asked God to literarily assign angels to the key points of that plane!

Another plane crash! This time, a chartered 20-seater plane. Only six persons survived. Crew; all gone. Barely a week later, I was boarding a 19-seater Beechcraft! I had an option to travel with a comfortable boat. Why did I not? I questioned myself for the umpteenth time. Nothing would go wrong, hopefully, but I could save myself the unnecessary nerves. It had rained all night, and was not letting up by the next morning. With the persisting drizzle, the sun got tired of being oblivious in the foreground. It switched itself off.

The flight was called. We boarded. On board that Beechcraft, tension was rife.

Surprisingly, the plane was so aquiline in form. As it flew, it cut through every air resistance; its buoyancy was luxurious. When the flight was over, I confessed to the gentleman sitting across the aisle, “this was a good flight”. It had healed my apprehensions. The gentleman gave a knowing nod and drew my attention to another passenger, who had once survived a fatal plane crash and had joined rescuers to save other survivors!

It is a new year- already packed full with resolutions and expectedly, with hope for the future. Sometimes, despite our best attempts at optimism, pessimism runs hither and thither and even in circles, placing restraints on that push to forge on and live our dreams. It takes grace, to venture into the unknown; to look at the storm and see the harvest after the rain, or as idiomatically expressed, “to see the silver lining behind every cloud”.

Grace most certainly, would counter that hogwash of pessimism. Stamping its seal of assurance and giving that buoyant and sustained lift through the courses we choose. How much sweeter when it is an amazing grace!

Happy New Year!

Remain buoyed by grace!!