The Books

  • From an Orphan to a Queen: Esther

    Before she was Queen Esther, she was just Hadassah; a lowly orphan girl growing up against a backdrop of turbulent political times. Chosen by the king, young Esther was forced to replace another wife, mother and queen. With the encouragement of her uncle Mordecai, Esther risked her life, revealing her identity as a Jew to influence the king to reverse an execution order against her people. Her brave actions forever changed the course of history. None of us get to choose the circumstances we are born into. Yet, as Esther’s timeless and inspiring story reveals, God takes pleasure in fulfilling His purposes through ordinary people with willing hearts.

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  • Influence of a King

    Influence of a King spans the globe during a time of harrowing worldwide events―the Great Depression, the droughts of America’s Dust Bowl years, World War II and post-war developments―and captures the essence of faith, fate, and the power of choices. Can two individuals with nothing in common yet everything happening around them, including the choices made on their behalf, establish an uncommon love and fulfill a greater purpose? Set in England, America, and Nigeria, this sweeping love story delivers an active perspective of tumultuous historic events, as well as the human interplay in interracial harmony and religious identity.

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  • 100 Years Around Port Harcourt

    This book is birthed from the belief in the ingenuity of the Nigerian child. As Port Harcourt celebrates its centenary and assumes the title of UNESCO World Book Capital 2014 (first city in sub-Saharan Africa to receive this honour), we though it a great idea to showcase the talent of Rivers children by engaging them in a creative writing exercise. Edited by Koko Kalango & Titi Horsfall

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  • Reflections

    Reflections (2004) is a collection of poems which reflects Titi Horsfall’s simplicity of thought, delivered with ease and cogent imagery.

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