Thursday, 3rd March 2016, is World Book Day.

“World Book Day is a celebration! It’s a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and (most importantly) it’s a celebration of reading. In fact, it’s the biggest celebration of its kind, designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading, and marked in over 100 countries all over the world.” (

In the course of the first week in March, several activities have been lined up by schools, libraries, and organizations to encourage reading. On the 5th of March, Terra Kulture, Lagos is organizing a Book Reading.  I would meet with the Association of Nigerian Authors (Lagos State Chapter) for the reading of my novels; Influence of a King and From an Orphan to a Queen: Esther.

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The Best Valentine’s Day Gift


The Best Valentine’s Day Gift

No matter the array of gifts, there is nothing more fraught with pain, than the uncertainty about how the other person feels. Worse still, is the torment of unrequited love or a commitment that is not mutual. Despite how few your words of love may be, they are all you need to profess your feelings, reassure, keep the channels of communication open, and commit as if undertaking a vow. If true love propels you to buy a mansion in Beverly Hills or Banana Island, all well and good!

While the appropriateness of any gift is based on myriad of determinants, one gift tops the list, as the very best Valentine’s Day gift, by a wide margin.

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Why We Need More Women Leaders Pt. 1

The myth about women’s roles

We have grown up with stories such as Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Sleeping Beauty- all portraying the beautiful, helpless girl who is rescued from an uncertain future by a dashing, fearless and very handsome prince. He sweeps her off her feet, they fall heads over heels in love, and they live together happily ever after.

I love a good, sensible love story, but would we not be stretching it too far, if in reality, we expect all females to be clueless as to how to build their future? Should we admire the female who cannot see past the flutter of her eyelashes and then, brandish the opposite a feminist? Why should parents dedicate themselves to having their daughters educated, and in expectation, should expect NOTHING?

Elizabeth Gilbert stated, “I was not rescued by a prince; I was the administrator of my own rescue”. The animated movie Brave appears to be an attempt to deviate from the image of the fairytale stereotypical female.

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Buoyed by Grace

Guess you know that feeling of foreboding, as you embark on a journey when only a few days earlier, a major accident had occurred?

When a commercial airline crashed in Nigeria killing most on board, two days later I boarded a commercial flight. At the slightest turbulence, practically everyone on board started praying. The man by my side stared at me in unquantifiable wonder- I seemed calm, and relaxed.
I nodded at him with a smile, and turned my gaze to the headrest before my eyes. If only he knew. I had asked God to literarily assign angels to the key points of that plane!

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Graceful Aging

Advancing in age, in a smooth and attractive manner.

“Her beauty, which transcended time, was shielded with her thick, white tresses like clouds cresting the mountain peaks. Her beauty was such that only the heavens could give, for the turbulent years had not drained her fountain of youth… She recalled the years gone by, the torture of hopelessness she had felt as a child, the relief of religious tolerance in her youth, and as a woman, the unexpected and inexplicable joy of falling in love…”(Excerpt- From an Orphan to a Queen: Esther).

“For length of days, and long life, and peace, shall they add to thee.” – Proverbs 3:2

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Alabaster Box!

It was one of those laid back Saturday evenings. I rummaged through the satellite TV channels searching for something light to view. I clicked on American X Factor; a singing competition(It was being aired about two weeks after the live performances).

As the lady on the stage addressed the judges, I did my assessment – which is normal, I think, for most viewers. I listened to her voice as she introduced herself. It had good prospects- earthy, rich and stable. When she said she was a fifty-four year old grandmother, I screamed “what!”
I sat up.
With her tall frame, clad in skin-tight black leather, she barely looked thirty years.

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